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warmdintherays said: HEY! where'd you work in shanghai?

Hiya! I actually worked in a city called Shaoxing. Its very close to Shanghai though, only a bus journey away so I visited a lot! :)

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Changing my hair colour again tomorrow!
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Lately ive been missing china.

and by lately I mean ever since I’ve been back.

I remember feeling sick in the taxi on my way to the airport because I was so unsure about going home. I sat there for the half hour journey contemplating to turning around and extending my stay for a year. In hindsight I really should have.

I’m hoping writing out everything I miss is going to help, so here is a list, because I like to list:

1. Global. I miss Global like crazy, its where I worked and although my boss could be a friggin nightmare the rest of the staff were incredible. It was a joy to work there.

2.The kids! They were amazing, I was so unsure about teaching teenagers at first but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, I still talk to them most days and we had some of the best classes doing things like dressing as zombies, doing fashion shows. 

3. The food. The food was incredible. 

4. Dumplings. Food has already been mentioned but they deserve a whole point to themselves, Shaoxing dumplings are to DIE for.

5.The family who owned the corner shop. I went in every day and slowly as their English improved and my Chinese improved, we began to have more of a conversation. It was an emotional goodbye.

6. KJ. My pet turtle.

7. Taxi Drivers. I may have been lucky here, but I have never had a moody/grumpy taxi driver, they were all eager to talk to you and were always very polite, a refreshing change from the service you receive in the UK.

8. Not being able to understand anything. It was nice not all the time being able to overhear and understand others conversations, it was nice to just coast by blissfully unaware. Also, getting lost and trying to order food in restaurants had made some pretty funny memories.

9. Exercise. going running, walking, doing tai chi in the morning with the locals, dancing in the square in the evening with the locals. I didn’t do much exercise before I went and it was really refreshing.

10. Busyness. Everyday I was busy, I was constantly doing something or planning lessons, I miss that, I feel a bit lost not having every moment of my time taken up.

11. The people. I found the people of china to be much more happy (in general) than they are in the UK, whether you’re walking down the street, catching a bus or shopping whatever you were doing people seemed to be more cheery, being positive rubs off, it was a nice thing to be around.

12.Vivian, Silence, Judy and Jennifer. 

13. Merry Meet. Any get togethers and birthdays were celebrated here, it’s so beautiful inside and of course, the food was incredible.

14. KTV. karaoke has never been more fun.

15. Public transport. Julian’s face was on the side of the bus, laughing at that go past I will definitely miss.

16. The Heineken bar, going in at seven and ending up there until 3am playing the dice game with the locals.

17. Street food. Some of the best food I had in china cost about 20p and was from a little street cart, sure you’re taking your chances on getting ill. but I was only ill once the entire time I was there and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the street food that did it.

18. The babies. Nothing is cuter than a Chinese baby.

19. Shanghai. Stunning. amazing. fun. everything.

20. Meeting new people all the time from all over the world. I couldn’t even begin to list all of the people that I met that had a positive impact on my time in China, there’s just far too many.

21. The weather. The crazy Chinese weather. Typhoon night was hilarious.

22. The randomness. You’re constantly being surprised by something new and crazy going on. I couldn’t physically have a bad day in china, something would either astound me or make me laugh before the day was done.

23. Chinglish.

24. China Daily and Breaking news English. These were my teaching lifelines, and never fail to produce some entertaining news stories.

24.Having not a god damn care in the world. No facebook or twitter or anything, having a job I was in LOVE with, working with people that I loved in a city I loved. life doesn’t get much sweeter?

I could keep going but I would write forever, the stuff I have listed are the big ones that I miss doing/seeing/experiencing on a daily basis but there’s so many tiny things too, like Heidi always being around, our school notice board, Bubbles the cleaner. Mid day naps on the sofas, Silence force feeding me fruit, Annoying Julian when hes trying to work with Heidi. The night market, Heidi’s many faces. The three musketeers. Annoying Alex until he wanted to explode. Winding sue up. Trips to Starbucks with students. Pizza Party’s. Old Spice. Crazy Roads, my Chinese phone, the caretaker at our hotel. the dumpling omelette place. girls world.


to anyone who has ever even contemplated going to china. do it, but I warn you, its crazy addictive. You’ll never want to leave.

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This girl is the absolute one, so excited to be travelling with her next year.
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